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Get the meds rebottled in neutral packaging and properly labeled by your pharmacy (which means without mentioning the nature or brand name of the drugs)
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Es evidente que los factores sociales desempean en esta enfermedad un papel importantisimo por estas razones:
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History will record him as a great batsman, even though we Indians do not give him his due.
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I mentioned earlier that a drug possession conviction may keep a person from obtaining financial aid
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Because if we don't, what we're going to be doing 25, 30 years from now is having the same discussion about why these kids are abusing drugs, obese, and so on and so forth
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People with achondroplasia have an average-size torso (the upper body) but noticeably shorter arms and legs
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Many eschew the use of cognitive enhancement drugs on the grounds that they feel inauthentic, and for them perhaps they would be, but only for them.
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