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One of the most pervading conceptions in the present ideology is that the family is a natural, inevitable phenomenon
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It is also important to remember that you did not cause the addiction, you cannot control it, and that you cannot cure it
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In this suspenseful, sad, and shattering first novel, the shooting death of 16-year-old wild child Nica Baker has a devastating effect on her year-older sister, Grace, who just can't let Nica go
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When the plates are working very well, although I always go back to Paul Mitchell
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Otherwise, he worries, he could soon find himself on the wrong end of a shank.
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The increase of GSH and the decrease of NEG and LPO in liver tissues with the treatment of Aloe gel extract, is consistent with the beneficial effect of Aloe
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in the true or measured health state that results exclusively from the hopes, fears, or expectations