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These high risk patients may also benefit from cardiovascular risk factor assessment.

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Boracay, Palawan and Bohol are also beautiful places to visit.

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Emerging markets will continue to live on generic drugs for many years to come, but they will increasingly spend more on those drugs.

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The levels of Prednisone in your blood will be highest approximately 1 hour after you consume the drug

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for its Bayer-partnered liver and kidney cancer therapy Nexavar (sorafenib) and Kyprolis (carfilzomib)

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biloba, saw palmetto, ginseng, valerian and black cohosh, we often think of them only in terms of their

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Afterinvestigating, officers found evidence the suspect had called inthe prescription for Hydrocodone and Diazepam (Schedule IV), bothpain meds, under false pretenses

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at the generalmeeting in Christchurch. While the funding is extremely important, Klassen stressed that

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Italian competition authority imposed a fine on Pfizer for delaying generic competition by unduly extending

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