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TB treatment is equally effective regardless of HIV status, although people with HIV are at much higher risk of re-infection and recurrence after being cured

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Songwriters have melody, instrumentation and rhythm to colour their work and give it power; poets accomplish it all with words.

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Brothels were outlawed 50 years ago, pushing prostitutes onto the streets and making a common site of skimpily clad women on the edges of Italy's major cities.

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Who knew? And why was this never reported on before? Or, maybe it was but it was swept under the rug by the media

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Many of the top holistic practitioners (like mercola.com, The Leaf Lady, et al.) feel it should be even higher, at a one to one ratio, or even higher than that

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Tell your doctor about any side effects you notice

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good enough to get the place? Fortunately, Derby hospital were fantastic and rang up with feedback Shares

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